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A strong mind is a catalyst for change. Because true strength begins in the mind if you strengthen your brain you’ll strengthen your body and in the process every other aspect of your life.
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Improve your life in every way while you crush your goals

This training is for

  • those who wants to excel in all areas of life

  • every man and every woman who wants to improve

  • trainers, coaches and athletic, therapists

Who want to become

  • a better Leader

  • a better athlete (in all areas of life)

  • more psychologically resilient

Don’t you want to be better at every single thing that you do?


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Every. Damn. Day.

Success isn’t about greatness, it’s about consistency. Above all else, you have to want it. We won’t work harder than you will.


Don’t go around obstacles — go right through them. Learn to face emotional and physical challenges the same way, with your head held high and your middle finger higher.

Train the Brain

A strong body and a satisfying life begins with a strong mind. We help you become more aware of what your brain is telling your body and how to believe in yourself. You are capable of much more than you think.



Bobby Maximus is the an award winning author and has been published numerous times worldwide. He is the author of the best selling, life changing Men’s Health book “Maximus Body”

From 2008-2017 Bobby Maximus was the General Manager, Training Director and Lead Seminar Instructor at Gym Jones, an elite strength and conditioning facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bobby’s lovely wife, Lisa Maximus, was the Head of Women’s Program at Gym Jones. They have since moved on have created a world class brand and gym of their own. The “Maximus” family of brands is a rising force in the world of fitness and exercise. The couple has 2 young boys and understand the unique challenges of balancing fitness and family.

During his career Bobby has been featured in numerous workout publications, conducted many seminars and worked with numerous Tier One Assets and Special Forces groups within the United Stated military. Bobby is also a regular contributor to Men’s Health Magazine and is the Keeper Of Authenticity at Lalo Tactical.

In addition to his policing, training and fighting career, Bobby earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario with a double major in Psychology and English. He also earned a Bachelor of Education graduate degree from Lakehead University.

The power of exercise changed my life and I know it can change the lives of countless others


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    Accessible anytime and on any device, training can be completed from home or at the office.

  • Learn at Your Pace

    Repeat and review key courses and exercises as users advance through the training to ensure comprehension.

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    Access your training anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to match your on-the-go lifestyle.

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    Attain a Certificate of Completion once all videos and quizzes have been completed.

Dreams can come true

you just have to work hard for them


Bobby Maximus is an industry icon and thought-leader whose approach to training is guaranteed to reshape anyone’s current mind set and programming as well as their definitions of consistency and accountability. As an instructor, Bobby Maximus’ seminars are practical and down to earth, insightful, highly entertaining, and are packed with real-world learnings that coaches can take into their clients programs immediately. This guy is the real deal, I’d train with him everyday if I could.


Bobby Maximus is the epitome of what a strength coach should be. He’s knowledgeable, extremely positive, and he leads by example! You won’t find too many people in our industry that can ‘walk the talk’ like Bobby. He’s truly one of a kind and I respect the hell out of that.


I began training with Bobby Maximus when I was 20 years old in order to improve my performance in collegiate track and field. After a full off-season of training under his guidance, I was turning out championship level performances in the sprinting and jumping events. Not only was he able to improve my physical performance but also my mental outlook on competition as well. Over the last 10 years, Bobby has served as my coach, my mentor, and my friend. He has played an integral role in my mentorship as I continue to run my gym in St. Louis, MO, Project Deliverance. He always leads from the front and continues to push the boundaries of what people perceive as possible in the gym.


I’d heard of Bobby Maximus and how badass his workouts were so I had to go and find out for myself. Bobby has been a motivator on every level, pushing me to places I never thought my body and my mind could go.

Nate Orchard, NFL PLAYER

As a two-time Olympian in the sport of Skeleton, I’ve had many trainers over the years but I’ve only had one who enabled me to reach my full potential. Bobby Maximus took me further physically and mentally than I ever thought possible. Bobby has the knowledge, and more importantly, the kind of passion that is second to none. He truly is in a league of his own.


Bobby Maximus is one of the hardest working and most respected fitness professionals in the industry today. He welcomes any challenge and is without a doubt one of the most fit individuals I know. More importantly, he sets the highest standard as a coach, father and family man. We are all fortunate to have such a positive example who makes others feel like they to can become great. A true sign of a great leader.


I have been in the training industry for over a decade. Burned out and unmotivated I decided that I needed to find someone who could push me to become a better athlete, coach and person. I have been working with Bobby for over 3 years and he has become the person I look to most for direction, inspiration and information. Bobby pushes me to be better, has taught me to expect more of myself, and has me in the best shape of my life. He is tough when he needs to be, but always knows when I need support, a vote of confidence or an encouraging word along the way. I am fortunate to call Bobby my coach, my mentor, and my friend.

David Ray, MLB AGENT

After 6 years in the NFL, no training was as difficult or as rewarding as the training I had with Bobby Maximus. He pushed us to and beyond limits we never knew we even had. In fact, his infamous leg days often took me physically and mentally to a dark dark abyss, a veritable training hell. BUT, the satisfaction and gratification I got from completing those devastating workouts was worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears. And the dividends paid off: I was bigger, stronger, and most importantly, could last longer than the guys across from me on the football field.


When I first met Bobby Maximus I was sick and unhealthy. At my heaviest I was 365 pounds, significantly more than my 190lbs high school frame. I couldn’t do a push up without using my knees, had a hard time walking up an incline and I felt mentally weak. I consider myself lucky I found Bobby because he offered to be my guide and didn’t ask anything from me in return except hard work. I thought I knew what that meant but I was wrong. Over the course of a brutal 6 months I pushed past any previous mental boundary that I had. The result is that I now weigh in at 250lbs, I can do 250 strict push ups and I can hike up a mountain. He probably quite literally saved my life.

Ben Sessions, CLIENT

I met Bobby when I was looking for something different to add to my training. I was looking for someone to push me but also someone who had knowledge and could protect me from injury. Over the past few years of training with Bobby I’ve become not only stronger, but mentally better than I’ve ever been before.

Ronnie Price, NBA PLAYER

After coming back from Iraq with the US Marines, I was diagnosed with PTSD and struggled with alcohol addiction until I got to the brink of suicide. Bobby’s training methods, his ethos, his direct and indirect support literally saved my life. Not only does Bobby lead from the front in the gym, his style of coaching is the perfect combination of pushing you beyond your perceived limits while bringing fun, warmth and an incredibly supportive environment. I am eternally grateful to have Bobby as a coach, mentor and friend to constantly guide me into becoming better than who I was yesterday.

Ashkay Nanavati

I have been involved with sports my whole life, from 6 years old (Pee Wee) to 29 years old (NFL). Throughout this period I worked with MULTIPLE trainers to increase my strength, speed, and power, until I met Rob. I met Rob when I was 22 and he is one of the main reasons I contribute to making it to the NFL. He was and is the last trainer I will ever work with. From day 1 we made a plan. Starting from my what we felt like my exact weight should be the day of my Pro Day to writing down everything I put in my body for a week. He was very detailed and organized. Everything was specifically tailored to me and was very personal. The first month was compiled of different tests to find my strengths and weaknesses. Everything we did had a reason and he would explain why. He pushed you every day and never let you take a step back. And somehow he makes all the blood, sweat and tears FUN. He truly cares about you and your goals. He wants you to accomplish them just as much as you do. He quickly becomes a good friend that will be there forever. Lastly, he oddly has great music taste.